Sermon on the book of acts chapter 5

But a certain man named ananias, with sapphira his wife, sold a possession. Harley howard 1 but a certain man named ananias, with sapphira his wife, sold a possession, the scriptures mentioned in chapter 4 that joses or barnabas gave to the needs of the saints and laid the proceeds at the feet of the apostles. Today we are beginning a brandnew sermon series from the book of acts. Spurgeon in his sixty volumes of the metropolitan tabernacle pulpit anthology twenty centuries of great preaching has no sermon on this text. Apart from his grace, we are all the same as achan at the battle of jericho and ananias and sapphira in the early christian church. Luke records many examples of conversion in the book of acts e. Copeland hundreds of free sermon outlines and bible study materials available for online browsing and downloading. Please pray for a 15yearold young man named kyler glover. Acts 3 is comprised of an event and peters explanation of that event as well, in the form of a speech or a sermon.

Spread of christianity as i watched that video my mind immediately went to the words of jesus found in matthew 16. Sermons from acts 5 and others keep believing ministries. Acts 5 commentary james burton coffman commentaries on the. This cursory view of sermons in acts leaves much to study, but it does reveal that these early preachers exposed both text and listener. Encouragement life as a christian can be compared with the story in mark 4. Listen to the latest sermon 82 towpath road, levittown, pa 19056. The church it is important to understand that when peter stood to preach on the day of pentecost that he had been filled with the spirit. Even us today we cannot deny what jesus is doing in our times the sick are healed, people are saved through the same name of jesus christ. Acts, expository sermons from the executable outlines series by mark a. Verse 35 we often think that the christian walk is going to be the easy road, free from problems and trials.

Matthew 5 niv introduction to the sermon on the mount. And he kept back part of the proceeds, his wife also being aware of it, and brought a certain part and laid it at the apostles feet. Back in exodus 15, the lord had just brought moses and the children of israel safely through the red sea. Anchor is a gospel book that explains the good news in a simple and persuasive manner. Martyn lloydjones explains that while men may affirm the need for moral improvement, and for this reason they like the moral teachings of jesus, they reject the two natures in christ, and they reject the need for salvation from sin and the wrath to come. We hear jesus say, let us pass over unto the other side. A ministry of alan carr, pastor of calvary baptist church in lenoir, nc.

We read of the evangelistic methods and message of the early apostles and preachers 3. This gave oldness to his actions and there was an abiding authority that had not been present prior to pentecost. This chapter recounts the tragic fall of ananias and sapphira acts 5. For assurance of our own salvation, we can compare our own conversion experience with those in acts. Kyler suffered a broken leg a while back saving his sister from being hurt in a sledding incident. Acts chapter 5 coffmans commentary of the new testament. Concise presentation notes by charles dailey black underlined words match words in the bible text. The blessing of being provoked 2009 urban ministry conference plenary 5. It is the bridge between the gospels and the epistles. Martyn lloydjones describes, a christianity that is grounded in real events. Sermons and bible studies do not just happen because a man decides that he wants to put a lecture of sorts of together. Acts life in the spirit just in case you may be wondering, solid, principled biblical preaching is hard work. Harley howard undoubtedly, the book of acts is one of the most pivotal books in the entire new testament.

So great fear came upon all those who heard these things. What two people sold a possession and kept back part of the price and lied about it to peter. There are a number of sermons teachings, messages, and proclamations found in the book of acts. There was a man from galilee who taught that he was the son of god and the longawaited messiah.

I find myself excited as i think about this series because acts is one of the most exciting books in the new testament. The paperback bible presents the bible by the book and is designed to be portable, readable, and truly personal with ample margins for notations. The apostles heal many 12 the apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people, and with one accord the believers gathered together in solomons colonnade. Peter karanja on acts 5 the apostles could not deny what they had seen and witnessed being done by the power of god. The holy spirit at pentecost 4 and they were all filled with the holy spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the spirit enabled them. God uses people and problems to accomplish his purposes. The church was enjoying a time of harmony and a sense of sharing seldom equaled on earth. The book of acts free sermon outlines and bible studies. If the book of acts were taken out of our new testament, we would never understand the rest. While the definition of what constitutes a sermon and the precise number of them may be open for debate, i put the number at eleven. He and his wife, sapphira, agreed to sell a property. The event is the lame man being healed in jesus name and the explanation is peters sermon preached in the temple. Jun 12, 2015 5 finally, at the areopagus in athens acts 17.

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